25th October 2021

Interview: LYBS IB DP teacher Mr.Zhu zhan

News Interview: LYBS IB DP teacher Mr.Zhu zhan



Chinese civilization has a long history, and the Chinese language is very sophisticated. At the LYBS IB Diploma Programme students use the Chinese language as a fundamental tool to learn and explore the various ways in which different ways of expression represent the world and how these reflect and help create different identities and meanings.


As a teacher of Chinese A Language and Literature in the IB Diploma Programme at the LYBS High School English Division, Tony Zhu, with his extensive literary background, shares with his students some of the world's most important literary texts and themes through quotations from the scriptures, guiding them on their journey to explore the exciting world of literature. How he got everyone excited about this subject and fascinated by it will be our focus in today's article.

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