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IB Weekly Report (一)

Children ’s Day theme activities


On the morning of June 1st, 2017, Shanghai Liaoyuan Bilingual School held an activity to celebrate the International Children's Day and about"How We Express ourselves" . Principals, primary school teachers and students attended.

Liaoyuan as an international diploma (IB) candidate school has always been committed to the practice of IB's mission statement, focusing on "holistic education" and "lifelong education" and strive to cultivate students as talents with comprehensive development . On the occasion of Children's Day, our school builds a stage for students to showcase their talents and promote their development in social, literary, sports and emotional aspects focusing on the transdisciplinary theme of the PYP curriculum "How to Express ourselves ".

With the chorus Four Seasons greetings, the event kicked off. The whole event includes five units, namely "love of the motherland", "childhood dream", "fashion show", "learning fun" and "fashion dance".

"Red scarf floating up", the Chinese nation has been through wind and rain and will have a bright future. The children celebrate the 68th anniversary of "my motherland" in the form of recitation and dance. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, the Chinese children forge ahead in unity with the spirit of pioneering and innovative and towards the road of national revival.

The aim of this event is to guide students to actively express their views, feelings, culture, beliefs and values; to teach students to expand and enjoy their creativity on the basis of self-reflection; to help students In the daily study and life and gradually grasp the artistic and aesthetic appreciation.

Shanghai Liaoyuan Bilingual School has cultivated a large number of outstanding students with comprehensive accomplishment by adhering to the combination of multiple intelligence and personality development for the past year.We aim at educating people with the goal of "global vision, inheritance, scientific spirit and humanistic accomplishment". The school will continue to strive and explore and create a new chapter in the construction of humanities and arts education characteristics.