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LYBS International Book Week



LYBS International Book Week was held on April 8th, 2019 to April 12th. Let’s review the various activities and wonderful performances from children. Look carefully! Maybe you could find your favorite characters in the photo!


April 8th to April 11 th -Preparing for the International Book Week


LYBS taught children to read and explore the different classic Chinese/English stories each class, attract students’ attention through affectionate performance in order to improve children’s reading skill and let them feel the happiness of the international book week.


After reading the book deeply, the team worked together to make the story posters and characters.


Each class had designed their own performance for their own story. For example, drama performances, reciting story, took their parents to ‘travel’ and many other active performance


April 12 th——The special Book Week starts!

早晨—— 多种多样的中英文书展

Morning—— The book fair

The book fair was fun and amusing, every child had found their favorite books. They came back to the class and ready to show.

It’s time for lunch! All parents made delicious food to share with each other. The class was full of fragrant smell and happiness!

Afternoon——Come together! ‘Fairy tale world’! The most exciting part of Book Week is ready!

The dazzling book fair, lively and interesting drama performance, wonderful character show leave parents, students and teachers a deeply impression. We work together to build this story park!

Since then , LYBS International Book Week come to a successful conclusion! Let’s look forward the next International Book Week!