Frequently Asked Questions

The LYBS Admissions Office is here to support you throughout the application process. No matter how much information you put out there, some questions will always remain. We hope the Frequently Asked Questions list below will help with most queries. If you can't find the answer to your question, never hesitate to contact us, or even better book to visit our campus and/ or attend an information session to find out more. We are always available and delighted to work with you.

Admissions - What does tuition cover?

All fees are reviewed annually and are subject to approval by the respective Education and Pricing Bureaus. With regards to all tuition fees and costs related questions, kindly contact one of our Admissions Officers as soon as possible.

Admissions - Does LYBS offer any scholarships and/ or bursaries for students?

LYBS aims at educating students with inquiring minds and natural intelligence, whatever their background. For more information, please discuss with one of our Admissions Officers as soon as possible.

Admissions - Following admission to the LYBS high school national division, is it possible for my student to change programme and be admitted to one of the international programmes in the English division of your high school instead?

Following successful enrolment to the LYBS high school national division, your student can apply for admission to one of our international programmes. If your student successfully fulfils all the respective admission requirements, they can transfer to one of the international programmes and cancel the original registration in the high school national division.

Admissions - How are students admitted in the LYBS English division high school?

Students are admitted through the school’s independent admissions process and assessed accordingly as per the requirements of the respective international programmes.

Admissions - Is it possible to apply as either a boarding or a day student?

Yes, it is possible for all ages and grade levels. However, we kindly advise parents, especially of High School students, to opt for the boarding option given the many advantages it provides with regards to the students’ academic, as well as social-emotional growth and development. Boarders share, with 2 to 5 more students, fully-airconditioned, ensuite rooms with all the required amenities. Should you require more information with regards to boarding, feel free to contact one of our Admissions Officers as soon as possible.

Admissions - What grades does LYBS offer?

The school provides a compelling continuum of education for children aged 6 years old through to grade 12. Especially, with regards to compulsory education, i.e. grades 1 to 9, all our grade 5 students can continue to our middle school, as per the 2020 Shanghai Compulsory Education policy.

Admissions - What are the maximum class sizes?

It depends on the division and the grade level. We always try to provide the best and most suitable learning experience to our students, depending on their age and individual needs. Currently, the maximum number of students is 30 in our primary and middle school bilingual classes, 25 in our primary and middle school integrated classes, 45 in the national and 24 in the English division programmes classes of our high school.

Admissions - What is the daily schedule for a student at LYBS?

Usually, most students arrive at school before 08:00 in the morning and attend their respective programme till 15:30 in the afternoon. Then depending on their choices, they may attend an after-school activity (ASA) till 17:00 and/ or have evening study. Should they be boarders they then follow the boarding schedule depending on their age and grade level.