Frequently Asked Questions

The LYBS Admissions Office is here to support you throughout the application process. No matter how much information you put out there, some questions will always remain. We hope the Frequently Asked Questions list below will help with most queries. If you can't find the answer to your question, never hesitate to contact us, or even better book to visit our campus and/ or attend an information session to find out more. We are always available and delighted to work with you.

Student life - What has LYBS done to prepare for emergencies?

LYBS fully complies with all government regulations and follows all guidance and instructions by the authorities. The school maintains a set of crisis management protocols that spell out responses for adults to follow for some of the most common kinds of emergencies such as a fire, extreme weather conditions, substance abuses, or injuries. Our crisis management plan is geared first and foremost toward the protection and care of students and other members of our community. Perhaps the most important asset in responding to emergencies is the school’s well-prepared Crisis Management Team. This group of staff, faculty, and administrators gather quickly, assess needs, implement appropriate responses, and communicate with internal audiences and parents as necessary. During the last school year, the team has been meeting regularly and systematically to discuss and plan contingencies as a result of the pandemic.

Student life - What does the school do for students that need extra support or maybe additional challenges because of different learning needs or abilities?

Our Counselling service and Optimal Learning Centre assesses the needs of all students that are identified as having different learning needs and/ or are considered “gifted and talented” and develop Individual Education Plans (IEPs) to further support them in addition to them attending the programme of their respective grade level. These students are monitored by experienced, trained professionals and guided as needed towards achieving their “personal best”. In high school, our university counselling service takes over and advises those students accordingly to maximize potential during the university applications and admissions process.

Student life - What happens if a student is sick and cannot attend class?

If the student is a day student at home, a parent must call the homeroom teacher. If the student is having any difficulties due to their health while on campus, our medical staff in the infirmary are always available to support you during school hours.

Student life - What medical services do you have on campus to treat students who might be sick or injured?

In our infirmary, we have two resident doctors who are always available while school is in session to respond to individual student medical needs or a health emergency on campus.

Student life - Where do students have their meals and is the food good?

Delicious and nutritious meals, including both Chinese and western dishes, are served in the canteens on campus, which are operated by Shanghai Lvjie Industrial Development company that manages more than 300 primary and secondary school canteens in various districts of Shanghai and has provided catering services for large conferences (e.g. World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018) and exhibitions (e.g. 1st China International Import Expo). There is so much variety that students often have a hard time choosing between all the tasty options. Our catering provider makes sure that healthy, and allergy aware options are always available for all students to enjoy. All catering facilities and procedures are regularly and systematically monitored and supervised by the school Operations Department and the District Food and Drug Administration, which ensure the highest quality and safety standards for all our community.

Student life - Is there a dress code at LYBS?

Students at LYBS are expected to be neat and clean and to wear the school uniform appropriately for each occasion, as instructed and needed.

Student life - Does LYBS have classes on Saturdays?

Nope! There are no classes over the weekend, unless designated otherwise by the respective authorities. However, our Amazing House offers a wide variety of activities to take full advantage of, should students be interested.

Student life - If parents have questions or concerns, how should they communicate with the school?

Each student will be assigned a homeroom teacher who will meet daily with the student, watch over the academic and social progress of the student, and serve as an adult counsellor in times of need. For general concerns about a student's progress, the homeroom teacher is the first person to contact. In case, during school hours, the homeroom teacher is difficult to reach, feel free to call the respective division administrative affairs office with any questions or concerns or in case of an emergency.