DISCOVER - Our Philosophy

One book, one pen, one child and one teacher

can change the world.



Believe & Trust

Conviction for us means having confidence in one’s own individuality. At LYBS, diversity is welcomed, manners are celebrated, and kindness is in abundance. There is a sense of community which transfers to caring within the community at large. But the students are empowered to determine their own path, guided rather than governed. Our style of teaching encourages the exploration of ideas, the discovery of interests, the freedom to be creative and a love of learning, in academic subjects, arts, sports and other after school experiences.


Listen & Share

At the heart of the LYBS culture is respectful exchange, not just between students and their teachers but among students themselves. During meals, on the way to the sports pitch, before lights-out, respectful debates permeate every aspect of LYBS life. Students emerge from LYBS able to talk to just about anyone, in just about any situation, just about anything. We believe that in great education, which prepares you for life beyond the school gates, listening and sharing aren’t just a luxury but essentials.


Inquire & Learn

Our school’s focus on results is indisputable, but an education here provides a lot more. Nowhere is this illustrated more powerfully than in our co and extra-curricular programme which encourages students to explore learning experiences in the round and to see connections without the constraints of working to an examined schedule. An LYBS education facilitates curiosity as the ultimate adventure for the young mind.

Adapt & Change

We are inspired by tradition and our founder’s aspiration, but we are not constrained. It’s all around us in buildings which are a permanent reminder of the history of LYBS and value of learning. But they wouldn’t have lasted if the school had been backward-looking. Our founder was a visionary and a pioneer of education, and it is this forethought that we pledge to continue. 


Follow & Lead

LYBS was founded to develop citizens who serve society; and it has done so for almost 30 years. Many alumni go on to be leaders in their fields, but not leaders at any cost. We admire leadership through ability – a modest and socially responsible model based on an intelligent and rounded understanding of a situation. This requires an understanding of complexity and different perspectives, and those are qualities that have always been highly prized at LYBS.